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My company applies protective ceramic coatings to my clients high end toys.  Mostly boats and cars, some aircraft.  I make my client's high end toys shine like diamonds and then protect them with ceramic coating.  I am overly attentive to details (hence the OCD) and making sure the job is done to perfection.  

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  • hope you like this logo #286
  • hope you like this #285
  • Hi, Any modify please let me know. #278
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    How about this? #252
  • hello, ch @kjohnsongolf
    how do you think about this one? please check my design.


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    Please check and give me feedback. thank you :) #250
  • With another color.. #248
  • Concept of my design initials, clean and readable.. #247
  • Thanks for your feedback, I have upload a file as per your feedback #233
  • OCDetailers #229
  • another version of my 2nd design. #224
  • My 2nd Design. Hope you like it :) #222
  • if logo design is chosen to be a winner, iam ready to cooperate with the company you lead.
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  • Hello, please check my design. Hope you like it. Thank you :) #211
  • Please check my design,thank you. #207
  • could I see this with glossy, shiny letteing? #174
  • Can you make "OCD" the same colored letters? #192
  • Can I see a version with the "CD" tilted at 45 degrees? Maybe a couple different font styles? #192
  • can you find a more pointed crown? #192
  • The logo is a composite of the OCD letters #206