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Project description

Hi, we are looking for new logo design for our company. We sell the best chocolate bars in Europe. 

targets with our new logo:

- logo has to include "Čokoláda.cz"
- and something what people think about when you say chocolate.
(-chocolate bars, bean to bar chocolates, cacao pod, chocolate bar, cacao tree, ...)
- our color for logo is #512303 
- for your inspiration you can find our current logo on facebook.com/Cokolada.cz

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  • This is abandoned contest designer vote woin https://www.designcontest.com/forum/designers-chat/80257-please-vote-abandoned-contest-čokoládacz.html
  • Hi submitting another design proposal, hope you will like it. #73
  • "chocolate made with love for everybody". hope you like it. #69
  • cokolada logo2 #68
  • cokolada logo1 #67
  • branding mock #52 #66
  • Hope you like this one! :) #63
  • please guide me thank you #59
  • As the brief, You guys sell the best chocolate bars in Europe.
    When we say chocolate, normally people think the first imaginary is a Choco Splash.
    So I made a chocolate splash with crown shape. Crown shape indicates the best & premium sellers. #58
  • I try with this approach.
    Let me now what you think?
    Kind Regards #57
  • Hi submitting a design proposal hope you will like it, thanks. #52
  • Dear @sarka_pomahacova ,
    Another option
    Thanks #27
  • Dear @sarka_pomahacova ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #26
  • Hi sarka
    Here are my first proposals #24 , #25
  • Čokoláda.cz logo proposal. #19
  • Čokoláda.cz logo proposal. #18
  • Čokoláda.cz logo proposal. #17
  • Čokoláda.cz logo proposal. #16
  • Čokoláda.cz logo proposal. #15
  • simple design, do you like? #11