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Project description

OneTwoFree is an app which allows users to recive products for free base on their interests, hobbies, habits, etc.

The user will play a quiz game (profilation questions) in different phases of his experience with the app, and on the base of those our clients choose to which people they want to send free products in order to let them try their product.

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  • Hello! This is one solution I came up with for the logotype. As you mentioned in the design brief, the one and two parts of the One Two Free are bunched up together and the Free part is the biggest and most important. I did include a gift box with the colors you provided. The speech bubble is there to give the text piece a bit of a pop up and remind that this is a phone app after all. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think and thank you! #309
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  • check my logo .... i hope u like my idea... i am waiting ur response ............. #290
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  • Hello, please look at my entry, representing a play button in different steps and the question mark representing both the quiz and the gift it will be received on the last step. Please let me know what you think! #261
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  • Feel free to open the gift and find out who next to choose to get it. Thanks sir. #251
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