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Winning design #250 by maxx, Logo Design for OptionAutomator.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by maxx

Project description

UPDATE2:  We've extended for 7 more days due to slow feedback from our end and to encourage more creativity.  We're in the process of commenting on some of our favorite designs, but are still looking for that "Aha, that's it" moment.  Feel free to try blue or green color themes.  We would also like to encourage more creativity in symbolizing the concept of automation.

UPDATE1:  We would like to encourage designs without clouds and more emphasis on the word Automator (the core selling point to the service).  Thank you to those who have submitted designs - we are not against cloud-based designs (may be the winning design), but are simply looking for more variety and creativity to choose from. There are some good options and we'll comment on your individual designs soon.

Please ensure the design are vector based, not raster.

Original Brief:

We need a logo for OptionAutomator.com.  

Our site (not yet published) is a cloud-based service for financial equity option screening and ranking.  This is a novel approach to option trading that could be game changing.  

Our target customers are primarily retail traders.  We're looking for a blend between web 2.0 and traditional financial industry designs.  The winning design should convey the customers the following values:  Automation (key selling point), simplicity, super-computing power in the cloud, advanced technology, mechanical trading.  

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  • I know short notice, but would be interested to see the dollar signs replacing every other cog on the gear all the way around. #377
    • @optionautomator sorry i see your comment when the contest expired

  • Make it simple. Try to simple. :) #432
  • Unique concept, but don't like the font. #359
    • About #359, @optionautomator Why? )) #417 submitted.

  • If chosen I will work with you on text #415
  • Don't like the top dollar signs #377
  • Really like the font and use of different color on the word Auto. #377
  • Hello @optionautomator , could you please take a look at my design #401.

    Any feedback would be helpful.


    [ JOBZ]
  • Could you mirror the bars left to right. This would imply losses to a trader. #379
    • sure no problem

    • @optionautomator can you see my designs #397 and #396 thanks...

  • changes #400
  • Two opposite arrows depict the smooth flow of financial flows, reinforced by a strong and clear fonts and clean describe clarity #393
  • Two opposite arrows depict the smooth flow of financial flows, reinforced by a strong and clear fonts and clean describe clarity #392
  • @eximius Dude, wrong contest . #389
  • Incorporating both the "O" and the "A" into the logomark. Please let me know if you'd like to see any changes! Thanks, Quelita. #385
  • One without the second arrow. #384
  • logo idea #379
  • Like the simplicity, but did not catch the star/gear being made out of bills. Any ideas to subtly add a bill element without spoiling the simplicity/making this too much in our customer's faces? #315
    • About #315, @optionautomator Hello. The parts of the star/gear constructed from asymmetric shapes of the bills. I think adding details to the existing icon will spoil the general view. Let customers to think a bit about the logo, visualize their own images. This way the brand will be memorable and won't lost among thousand overused concepts for your industry.

  • Hi, thanks for this one. Is it possible to show in the same green as #250 and something different besides the dot on the arc? #186
  • I really like the font and gear, but don't understand the swoosh. #132
    • About #132, @optionautomator Thanks for the comment. The swoosh its kinda like an accent, to separate it from some of the normal logo. Anyways I'll try to come up with a change

  • Could we see this in the same green at #250 for everything in orange in this design? #333
  • Great identity for the financial IT company. Not BORING and not overused for your industry. Thanks. #361