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Project description

I like you to draw for me a still life picture of a pegasus that is similar to the one on The TriStar logo. 

I want the horse to be white with wings in  the straight forward motion as of the TriStar logo . The back ground should be bright turquoise sky and pure, fresh green pastures and mountain. 
"Please draw a picture of a white pegasus that is similar to this sample photo . Make the background sky in bright turquoise color ,the mountains and plains in lustrous green that radiates health n purity. 

Below the logo ,please attach the name:  Wild Horse 777. Do not put Organic mineral water

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  • The most respected contest holder, I sketched the logo that you want like this and it is still very wrong because this is not yet finished, I can make your logo until there are no mistakes if you are willing to guide our way, please give feedback we will immediately respond with pleasure, thank you #15
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