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My new homebased company will offer paleo food. I would like earthy/woodsy/outdoor colors. 

Paleo is the way our ancestors ate as cavemen.. ~ design suggestion.

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  • Hi, Here I just changed the color a bit and make the word love a bit thicker. Hope you like it. If you have any suggestion, please share. Thank you. #237
  • GHGHG #226
  • I encourage editing original art. Font,,color scheme, placement #225
  • I encourage editing suggestions. Isn't this fun. I'm seriously ordering the Paleo diet book, free on line #224
  • Hi, I love your designs, can you change the red paleo to black.
    • About #179, @jacalynsaks ok

  • Hi! please rate, regards! #192
  • This may be as you wish, I hope you like it, thanks #182
  • I like this a lot, but not crazy about the black. its too dark. Can you make it all white, with paleo in black and keeping the red heart and re LOVE
    • Okay thanks, I'll try to change the color to white

  • With dining accessories consisting of knife, plate, sppons and straw I made the name PALEO. #174
  • Minimal, luxurious logo and the earth-tone color rally match well with it. #173
  • Dear CH, here my new revision, thanks #169
  • Hope you love my design , its simple and unique.
    hope you like this.
    thanks :) #165
  • Hello, can i see the top one with PALEO in white, and LOVE in red. And lets try one with Paleo and Love same size thx! :) #150
    • thanks for the feedback and rating, I will try to fix

  • These changes are both the same size paleo and love #164
  • The first change you expected #163
  • I just looked at this one, and really really like this. Then I realized you sent a few other ones I love. You are very talented!! #147
  • Hi, Can we make the LOVE larger..
  • Hi, Can you make the LOVE a little bigger. lets try one same size as PALEO. I really like this, but i'm not seeing it on a food package of granola. I would love to see what other ideas you have. :)
  • Hi, I like the brown in this. Can we make the font more "caveman" looking? thx!
  • i am ready to your feedback, thanks #150