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Project description

My new homebased company will offer paleo food. I would like earthy/woodsy/outdoor colors. 

Paleo is the way our ancestors ate as cavemen.. ~ design suggestion.

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  • @jacalynsaks HOME FOOD #329
  • An effective logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. #314
  • What exactly makes a great logo
    When you’re designing your logo, you may wish to use these ‘magnificent seven’
    characteristics as a checklist, to measure the potency and viability of your image.
    1.It is unique
    2.It can be described
    3. It suits your purpose
    4.It suits your target audience
    5.It works across your target media
    6.It reflects your entire offering
    7.It defines your key charactertistics
  • You can see a spoon and water or liquid or anything you want on "e", thanks ope you like it #307
  • Simple designs with a decorative touch. Green-blueish symbolizes water and flora. / Grayish color symbolizes earth and stone. #290
  • hope u like it #282
  • Paleo Love :) #277
  • cavemen in logo #271
  • cavemen in logo #270
  • How about my design? #264
  • I tried to put a fork and knife on vector love, please corrected thanks #251
  • Hi, contest holder, please rate. #248
  • Hi, Here I just changed the color a bit and make the word love a bit thicker. Hope you like it. If you have any suggestion, please share. Thank you. #237
  • GHGHG #226
  • I encourage editing original art. Font,,color scheme, placement #225
  • I encourage editing suggestions. Isn't this fun. I'm seriously ordering the Paleo diet book, free on line #224
  • Hi, I love your designs, can you change the red paleo to black.
    • About #179, @jacalynsaks ok

  • Hi! please rate, regards! #192
  • This may be as you wish, I hope you like it, thanks #182
  • I like this a lot, but not crazy about the black. its too dark. Can you make it all white, with paleo in black and keeping the red heart and re LOVE
    • Okay thanks, I'll try to change the color to white