Paradigm Governance Partners LLP

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Project description

We are new and do not have an existing brand.  

Our business is providing governance to hedge funds and other investment funds.  Target audience is mainly successful US/UK hedge fund/investment managers and their senior employees.  We also have important relationships with law firms that might recommend us to their hedge fund clients.

Our logo needs to impart trust, intelligence, conversation, "safe pair of hands", reliability, seriousness.

We will use the logo on business cards and a website, perhaps linked in pages.

Our thoughts on what will work:
  • serious, conservative but sharp look
  • logo/design element + woodmark preferred
  • logo element can be based on our name or initials but could also be generic
  • we'd like the option of including the legal ending 'LLP' in the logo/woodmark, or not (will decide after seeing designs)

What we don't like:
  • goofy, harsh, too 'tech-y'
  • flashy colours like bright orange/yellow
  • common recognizable fonts like those that come with Windows
  • casual look

With the attachments, in the Paradigm Logo Concepts #3, the first one is the current preference, including the colour scheme.  Colours shown #25cccff, 0e4180, f4fcff, are not exact, just examples ~ deep navy and a turquoise blue with white.

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