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Looking for an updated logo to use for t-shirt design. We are a pool and spa company that services and repairs pools on Hatteras Island, NC. circa 2000

Would like the logo to incorporate a wave; colors can be shades of blues with black, grey and white. Colors and fonts can vary. Surf style.
Do not want palm trees or pool features. Could include the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse but not required. 
Could include Hatteras Island, NC. Do not want to include phone number.

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  • here is a example of my logo on a t shirt without the blue backround circle #79
  • Hi, hope you like it , please leave feedback,thanks #68
  • #35 What do you think of this design. Please feedback. Thank you very much
  • I don't know why the colors are to bright.. :/ sorry for that. In Photoshop it's normal #12
    • @Hanys Wave looks a little too sloppy- Would like to see more structure

  • Hi, here a new design, thanks!
    N. #21
    • @nicoletta.preziosi Not much different from the last design- Need bolder font and different wave. Like the first circle style better.

  • Please, here my proposal, feedback are welcome. Thanks!
    N. #7
    • @nicoletta.preziosi I think it's a little too simple in style- maybe some bolder font and more structured wave??

    • About #7, @pointbreak Thanks! I'll do another concept!

  • #16 Hello, I uploaded new design. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • hi, Thank you for feedback. I uploaded #15 new design of wave. Hope you like it. Thank you very much..
  • raa
    Minor modification #9
    • @raa I like the concept of the PB together with the wave. The rest of the font is a bit simple- Is there a way to incorporate it into a circle style (maybe something like the iron fist logo sample I provided) or make the PB larger and use it as the starting letters? Like the initial thought!

    • raa

      @pointbreak I appreciate your feedback. I have uploaded 2 additional options.

  • raa
    Option 4 #11
  • raa
    Option 3 #10
  • Like the artsy concept, but really want the name to stand out with a wave that's a little more structured in shape #5
    • @pointbreak thank you for the feedback. i will submit something else tonight

  • A little too simple in style- looking for a wave #4
  • A little too "Cape Cod"- Would like to see a wave in the design #6
  • raa
    Comments and feedback welcome #3