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We operate our business online, it's an online store selling 3D Pop Up Greeting cards. We are in the middle of looking for a new logo, the ideal logo would have these elements: relatively simple and easy to remember, include my company's name" Pop Card Express", stands out, and lovely, eye catching, a logo that would not go out of dated in the future, making people feel my business is cheerful and beautiful. Please note that the meaning of my business "Pop Card Express" is to allow people to use "Pop Card" to "Express" their sentiments/feelings in different occasions - such as to convey joy/happiness - it would be great if this meaning can be incorporated in the logo.

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  • eye catching font design style.. show movement like pop card express purpose in different occasions.. #52
  • Please have a look it.. #50
  • About my design #42, @Bayu_Designs
  • Hi, i've been working in this concept. I tried to follow all the caracteristics of the company, i made a lot o sketchs, working with symbols, shapes and color, and finally came up this concept. It's about a flower( a classic simbol to express feelings) poping out of a open card. The typography was carefully selected to harmonize with the icon and to highlight the diferential. It's simple and sofisticate, works with black background too, and with horizontal arrangement. If there's something to be changed, your ideias are welcome!
  • About my design #38, @Bayu_Designs
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  • your feedback is very importand for me #14
  • Check please. #13
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  • I chose for handwritten fonts, since cards usually have things written in them and it makes it more personal, that's also why i especially did that with the word 'express' to show what that person wants to say with the card and make it more personal. The O is bigger to give a pop out feel #10
  • Hello dear sir how is everything going hope everything is fine, Here you can take a look at my this logo is so cheering and eye catching word express's E" and "ss" also smiling . I am here for every reworkings and advises are also be followed. Thank you so much.
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  • Hello. Please you watch and rating for my design sir. Thank You #4