Porch Light Concierge Home Management

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Project description

A service dedicated to taking the worry and hassle out of owning and maintaining a home.  Taking care of the yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily chores, and anything needed for home and yard upkeep.   

Looking for a logo simple and classic, but elegant and sophisticated  

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  • Can you take the space out between porch and light? Otherwise, this is the one! #46
    • @fischer_eric13 Yes, I can take space as you want. But this contest is in the championship selection period, please choose my design and I will make changes as you wish in the advanced stages of this contest. Thank you :)

    • @wonkdendek Done! Thanks again. Just need Porch Light to read Porchlight Thanks!

    • @fischer_eric13 Ok I will do it according to your direction. But after the championship was finished, because at this time I was unable to send a contest repair file because of the contest during the championship election. Thank you :)

    • @fischer_eric13 Please choose the champion !!

  • okay sir I will change as you wish :)
    hope you like it :) #45
  • About #3, @wisnubaik This is my favorite so far. Can you work a couple different variations of this? Maybe a more classic or "old" looking light or even gas-lamp? Thanks!
  • About #34, @wonkdendek could you rework this to have the top text read "porch light concierge" with "home management" under? I really like this one!
  • hey designers, I need the "porch light concierge" text as one line, together. And the "home management" line separate or under.

  • two people shaking hand inside house #27
  • Initial p of porch takes shape of roof line #24
  • CKS
    Hello there @fischer_eric13 ,

    would i ask how about the finalization in your other project:


    as the designers are anxious waiting for that.
    • @CKS Had to change the name of our business to Porchlight Concierge, as red carpet was already taken for copywrite legal reasons.