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Looking for a logo for a new business.  R Town Snacks is a company that manufactures flavored corn puffs with the intent to expand into other unique snacks, like liquor filled candies and gourmet truffles.?

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  • Design for R town snacks #137
  • R Town Snacks logo #119
  • I put together a design for you. Please let me know if you want to see some additions. #146 #147 Thank you :)
  • Hai sir, give me feedback please... #110
  • R Town snscks #98
  • О дизайне #97, @olgert
  • logo #95
  • the design shows what you are famous for and the icon placed attracts #93
  • Hi,

    Kindly review my submissions and let me know if you require any changes or anything else.

    Thanks #87
  • logo #83
  • It is a very expensive logo #75
  • as per your requirement i'm done #74
  • please send me a feedback #68
  • how it looks on a packet. Check and review sir. thank you #65
  • I hope you'll love it! #63
  • I hope you'll love it! #55
  • I hope you like :) #54
  • A Logo Design Based On Your Specifications. #53
  • sir,
    In my fast submission you wanted to include a corn in the logo. I did as per your demand. Hope you will like it. I request you to eliminate those who copy others logo after he/she has got high rating. Thank you #52
  • please give me feedback if anything needs improvement. #50