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Project description

Logo for an household utilities comparison website.

The site will initially compare electricity prices but also gas, telephone, broadband, and insurance for residential and later small businesses.  

Brand values
  • Trustworthy
  • Partnership
  • Freedom

What personality do we want to reflect?
  • Transparent
  • Trustworthy 
  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Helpful
  • Caring
  • Saving
  • Real

Other keywords
  • Simple
  • Accuracy
  • Complete
  • Transparent
  • Hassle Free

The Ansobe logo is for the parent company.

I would be good to incorporate green into the logo but not essential.

I would like to incorporate the name and some symbolism to represent to brand - for example a tick to represent the accuracy / real / correct.

Incorporating is not required but seeing an alternate version with it incorporated would be ideal.

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  • ok. #178
  • helo ch

    I've done a revision. please check and love me your suggestions and responses
    Warm regards
    # UCHIEL #177
  • I have decided to portray the accuracy and honesty with a green tick. Bold text is always associated with trustworthiness and reliability, as I have used. I have also included some aesthetics using the initials of the company. I hope you like it. #176
  • feedback please;) #169
  • feedback please:) #168
  • Feedback please;) #167
  • i made it more modern #159
  • initial R and C logo symbol #158
  • RealComparison #157
  • RealComparison #156
  • Real Comparison with Magnifying glass #155
  • RealComparison with Magnifying glass #154
  • feedback please :) #153
  • Clear and clean. I hope you like it. #147
  • hy sir can you check my designs and sent me feedback about my designs.thanks #83
  • unsure about these two at the moment #127 #126
  • this imagery is not working for me... sorry #130 #129
  • I like these but they are not the final product I am looking for... I feel the C needs to be used as part of the word comparison... perhaps with real on a line above.. not really sure but not quite what I am after yet #108 #103 #102
  • can I see this on a white background? #70
  • i have thought about this one a lot but still unsure #51