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Update our new logo for 2017.  Designers - thank you for your excellent work.  I have a meeting on March 31st where we will pick 3 - 5 finalists.  The winner will be selected on April 12th.  Thanks for your patience!

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  • About #11, @Victoireking This is nice; I'd like some inference to a "gem" if you can add an element like this. I'm also not crazy about the gold - could I see a different contrast color - perhaps with a turquoise?
    • @sycgems Thank you for your feedback, I'll working on it.

    • @sycgems Hi, here it is the revision #21 , let me know if you need anything else, thank you.

    • About #21, @sycgems Very nice - before I present to the team, can you correct the typo? Sarasota

    • @sycgems Yes, I can fix the name to sarasota, but I can't submit the revision now because the contest time is already expired. When the contest time is expired, all designers can't submit any design to your contest. So, I can only send the revision in finalization step If you and your team like my design and choose me as the winner, thank you and good luck.

  • About #16, @lbraman We need the GEMS name to be much more prominent
    • @sycgems Thank you for your feedback! My revision is entry #25. I have redesigned the logo entirely and made the GEMS name more prominent.

    • About #25, @lbraman This is an excellent revision. I am looking forward to presenting this to our selection team.

  • Another color option
    Thanks #33
  • Dear Sir,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks alot #32
  • raa
    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #29
  • raa
    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #28
  • About #8, @dinomuzurovic33 Of course I'm going to set logo that's my job thank you for your response and hope that you will love the new setuyp.Thank you
  • About #19, @solalaine I'd like to see with a contrast color and would like to see a "gem" element.
    • @sycgems thank you for your feedback, will work on your request as soon as possible.

  • About #12, @CKS This is excellent. My leading choice at this point in the contest!
    • CKS

      About #12, @sycgems thank you, i really appreciate that. Any changes or suggestions, please let me know.

  • About #8, @dinomuzurovic33 nice but GEMS is not prominent enough - very nautical, but doesn't reflect the word "GEM" -- if you want to tweak, I'd love to see what you come up with
  • I really like this design; can we add an element of a glint of sparkle - or a diamond image - even small - to suggest more than a nautical theme? #1
    • CKS

      About #1, Hello @sycgems, thank you for your comments, please check the new version #12, hope you like it.

  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #11
  • Hi there sycgems this is Admin Sharie

    Please remove your email address from the pdf file, the designers will upload the entries to the contest page, no outside of contest allowed to keep the contest fair for all

    I have removed the pdf so please upload new file without your email

    Thank you