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Update our new logo for 2017.  Designers - thank you for your excellent work.  I have a meeting on March 31st where we will pick 3 - 5 finalists.  The winner will be selected on April 12th.  Thanks for your patience!

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  • Thank you designers - none of your entries, however, was selected as the winner. Your time and effort is appreciated.
    • @sycgems Hi CH , we were sorry we did't achieve your expectation, however we are so thankful to your kindness. :)

      best regards,


  • Open to any edits! :) #53
  • Open to any edits! :) #52
  • Formal look with the font, utilizing the blue color as the background and white / silver font to contrast. Any changes can be made if you want something changed. Thanks for looking. #51
  • Hi, here it is the revision, feel free to let me know if you need anything else, thank you. #37
  • As a finalist, we would like a few revisions - could you remove "Gal-E-Mates" and replace with GEMS in a more "feminine font". That would leave the center gem whole. We would also like to see with the green changed out to red. And correct the typo - Sarasota. #21
  • We are pleased to inform you that your design was selected as a finalist. We have suggested modifications and will need to extend for you to implement them. The entire committee will vote on April 12th and we will inform you of the final decision.
    • About #21, @sycgems Thank you for choosing me as finalist.

  • About #28, @raa I am pleased to inform you that your design was selected as a finalist. The Committee will vote on April 12th and we will notify you of the results. Congratulations on making it to the top three!
    • raa

      Thanks so much!
      About #28, @sycgems

  • About #11, @Victoireking This is nice; I'd like some inference to a "gem" if you can add an element like this. I'm also not crazy about the gold - could I see a different contrast color - perhaps with a turquoise?
    • @sycgems Thank you for your feedback, I'll working on it.

    • @sycgems Hi, here it is the revision #21 , let me know if you need anything else, thank you.

    • About #21, @sycgems Very nice - before I present to the team, can you correct the typo? Sarasota

    • @sycgems Yes, I can fix the name to sarasota, but I can't submit the revision now because the contest time is already expired. When the contest time is expired, all designers can't submit any design to your contest. So, I can only send the revision in finalization step If you and your team like my design and choose me as the winner, thank you and good luck.

  • About #16, @lbraman We need the GEMS name to be much more prominent
    • @sycgems Thank you for your feedback! My revision is entry #25. I have redesigned the logo entirely and made the GEMS name more prominent.

    • About #25, @lbraman This is an excellent revision. I am looking forward to presenting this to our selection team.

  • Another color option
    Thanks #33
  • Dear Sir,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks alot #32
  • raa
    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #29
  • raa
    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #28
  • About #8, @dinomuzurovic33 Of course I'm going to set logo that's my job thank you for your response and hope that you will love the new setuyp.Thank you
  • About #19, @solalaine I'd like to see with a contrast color and would like to see a "gem" element.
    • @sycgems thank you for your feedback, will work on your request as soon as possible.

  • About #12, @CKS This is excellent. My leading choice at this point in the contest!
    • CKS

      About #12, @sycgems thank you, i really appreciate that. Any changes or suggestions, please let me know.

  • About #8, @dinomuzurovic33 nice but GEMS is not prominent enough - very nautical, but doesn't reflect the word "GEM" -- if you want to tweak, I'd love to see what you come up with
  • I really like this design; can we add an element of a glint of sparkle - or a diamond image - even small - to suggest more than a nautical theme? #1
    • CKS

      About #1, Hello @sycgems, thank you for your comments, please check the new version #12, hope you like it.

  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #11