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Travel company - wine country, golf, bicycling, other outdoor activities. Color theme: Greens, purples - perhaps yellows and oranges. Nature/outdoor'sy. The comma and ampersand need not be highlighted. Prefer square or squat rectangle overall dimensions (width 1.5x-2x of the height). Modern preferred - please avoid heavy gradients and drop shadows.

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  • How about with this design? #25
  • with other color #20
  • please check this sir , with the same concept . thanks :) #19
  • Please check , wish u like it .
    i'm pleased for the next revision if u want :D
    thankyou verymuch #17
  • Hello. Please give any feedback that you may have. #9
    • @cfarrar90 I like it. Relatively simple but still unique.

    • @steve12 Cool! Would you suggest any changes?

  • How about with this design? #15
    • @Fortuneart Probably a little too simple for what we're after in this case. Looking for more than a word mark.

  • How about with design? #16
  • Check my design please, thanks. #12
  • See, Taste & Play #10