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Project description

Some images are attached of things we like. We are open to design, colors and layout, but we do like anything shabby chic/rustic with light blush, gold, white, and green

Vision & Feel Of Design: Simple yet elegant, with fun all lowercase letters

Company: We are a diy decor and flower arrangements company that makes and sells any/all decor pieces and centerpieces. We specialize in wedding, style shoots and small event parties.

** Please no pop-eye, fish, mermaid or other cartoon characters of ANY-KIND.

Thank you look forward to hopefully working with you!

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  • Photo for example only; No commercial rights to use. #51
  • another option with flower from previous entries.. #47
  • there is corrections you asked for..hope you will like it. #46
  • actually if you can make the senta lee here like the font and like the flower from #14, but keep the leaf on this one. #42
  • can u make the font closer to your other entries. more spaced out, and not so close to one another. #42
    • @mdemadaler yes, of course! Thank you for your rating.

  • elegant #44
  • elegant :) #43
  • another option, hope you will like it. #42
  • With this design, I wanted to reflect your love of shabby chic with both the fonts and the design. I have incorporated simple illustrated elements to represent the services you provide whilst respecting your preferred color palette, which I feel compliments the design nicely.

    I would like to thank you for the opportunity to provide you with a Logo Proposal for Senta Lee Events & Decor. With all my designs, I always read the brief carefully to ensure that I have understood what the client is looking for. Therefore, I would ask if you could kindly provide feedback as it is invaluable in enabling me to achieve the most accurate design for your needs. Kindest regards. #41
  • My Another design with gold color. #26
  • Hello.
    I try to make some design for "Senta Lee".
    Hope you like my design.
    Thank you.
    Regards. #25
  • Another option for your consideration..

    my best,
    operhal #23
  • Hi again, please check this option and let me know what you think. #14
  • About #4, @operhal love this! can we please change decor and flower to say something like decor & events or events & decor
    • @mdemadaler thank you so much! I will change text and post it soon as possible.

  • CH, Would appreciate feedback on design #5
  • Dear CH,
    please check my design and let me know what you think.

    My best,
    operhal #4