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Skylark Partners is a private investment fund (similar to a VC or PE fund).  We invest in early and mid stage private and public Companies with martket leading products and services.  most of our investments are in the technology space, financial technology, but we also invest in mature and stable Companies that produce great products.  As a 16 year old kid, I drove a 1969 Buick Skylark Convertible (still have it today).  It was midnight blue with a white convertible top.  I named the firm after that car.

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  • Please make all same font as Skylark. #87
    • raa

      @john20 /RAA_ART/DesignContest/skylark3.jpg I don't know if this will come through, changed font as you requested but contest has expired.

    • raa

      @raa skylark3.jpg

  • try less purple and slight less fat #202
    • @john20 dear CH, cannot upload the revised design cause the contest is expired

  • can you try a darker MidNight blue on white background? #226
  • another version, hope you like it #286
  • another version, please check #284
  • I Hope You Like It :) #254
  • hello sir, please check my design, its mono colour version, please tell me what colour you want for variation, thank in advance #242
  • Hello! This is my entry. As you can see, the letters S and P comes from the face of your car.
    Awesome car sir. :) #241
  • Hope you like it. Good luck #227
  • initials sp #226
  • how about this? #224
  • how about this? #223
  • If there is anything you would like to add or change please let me know. #221
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    Thank you
  • how about this ? #210
  • your feedback is very important #207
  • @john20 Hello please see entry #195 thanks
  • Dear @john20 ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #185
  • i am ready to your feedback, thanks #168
  • Check please. #154