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Project description

We are developing a new service offering  that specifically treats snoring with Laser Treatment. 
There are sites here in Australia that focus on Snoring such as or

These sites focus on an outcome (Stop Snoring ) which cannot be guaranteed, so it needs to focus on the wider benefit of the outcome from snoring treatment.

I would to create a visual identity around the brand name that links to our two existing brands and
If you look at stopsnoring website it is nice and clean.

I would like to take the same concept and bring through the Blue we use in the healhtykids brand elements blue into the logo and design with a hint of the DentalCareXtra Green
The names we are considering for the service are


Our core values of all our Brands has elements of
- Professional
- Contemporary
- Complete

We will using a lot of white in around strong visual images of people sleeping well.

Clean / clear and simple is what we are aiming for that is clear about what we are treating. 

Our Laser Treatment is outlined here

I would like to have about 3 logo options with a mixture of the words above that we can use for our website, brochures and TVC branding.

Happy to receive any questions or clarification.



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  • font narrow like a laser, it seemed to me very suitable for you. As for color, if you like my design, I will make in different colours to fit the interior of your site #118
  • Like this sir ? #91
  • hello, ch :)
    if you need a change please feel free to contact me.


    best regards.

    Dav #88
  • About #84, @tukangndesain5 Ok sir please wait :)
  • hello, ch :)
    please give me feedback :)

    thank you so much.

    best regards.

    Dav #85
  • Can you please introduce the colours here as well with Green and Blue Combinations #52
  • Great design. Can you please also do one with just the blue and one with blue and green please #69
  • Hi This looks good. Can you please also create designs with green and blue elements
  • How about this ? #84
  • hi sir, thanks for feedback to my design #8.... please check my new design #75... thank you..
  • hello, ch :)
    I am waiting for feedback from you to revise my design.
    I am ready to do as you wish.

    Thank you very much.


    Dav #63
  • Dear, @trehan1

    hello, ch :)
    if you need a revise please feel free to contact me.
    i will be ready to revise my design for your .

    thank you so much.

    best regards.

    Dav #62
  • please check this my design :
    if you need a change do not hesitate to contact me
    thank you.
  • @trehan1
    Hello sir ,
    please check entries #47, #48 and #49
    thank you
  • hello,ch.
    thanks for your feedback.
    how do you think about this one?
    if you need a change do not hesitate to contact me.



    Dav #42
  • I like this execution. Can you please remove the red of lips. Can you please make the Lady more generic so it can be man or lady please. Can you please apply across all three designs #23
  • I like this design as well. Where can you put some green in please? #22
  • Dear DavArt. Thank you for this design. It is very good. Can you please change out the Snoring in Black to Grey and introduce a bit of the green the stars in the icon please #21
  • Thank you for this design. It is very good. Can you please make the green line solid? #19
  • Thank you for your design. Are you able to flip the head the other direction please #17