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Project description

Need a new logo for our business. See image for our current logo.

We are looking for something with more character. Should be clean and simple, yet professional and high quality.

OK to have house image, but not necessary. Designer preference.

Color pallete also open. Designer preference.

As long as the logo says:  SoJo & Company    anything else is ok.

REALTY GROUP is also optional.

*** SoJo & Co ***  or  *** SoJo & Company ***  either is ok.. whichever is better for your design.


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  • Window, tiles or building blocks. #396
  • Other color variations #395
  • Hello, I'm Chusaini.
    A designer from Indonesia.

    We combine graphics and fonts in one logo design.
    With this logo we describe a house with walls supported by the letters "O" and J as a roof support.

    We chose the VarickaLC font.
    This font belongs to the sans-serif family.
    Sans-serif convey elegance.
    With Medium Weight Fonts Are Most Readable and Straight Fonts Convey Stability and also Tall Fonts Convey Lightness and Aspiration.

    We give the color orange to the letters "S" and "J", where we want to focus people who see and can memorize them.
    While the same "O" is given in black.
    Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.
    Black calls to mind feelings of serious and professional. #382
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  • House + key. Clean, simple, unique logo. #362
  • House + key. Front door of the house + key line. Clean, simple, unique logo. #366
  • Hello sir, i hope you like my design , Thanks #354
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  • Please sir check this simple but unique logo deisgn. #328
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