Solitary Islands Village

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Project description

This Retreat is for an over 55's retirement village. Based on the New South Wales north coast area of Mullaway.  The area is sub-tropical and the retreat is based on the coast.

We have another bed and breakfast company.  the website is we like the use of the sun rise over the horizon.  the 3 Islands in this design are 3 of the local islands off the coast. Do not use the flowers.

This logo will need to be easily amended to be used in connection with additional businesses that will be created in future that are to be linked to the Solitary Islands Village.

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  • without coconout tree... #150
  • Please review. #148
  • please rate it , thanks #147
  • Please review. #146
  • its simple , but elegant.. #144
  • SIV
    those three lines look like a tootpase brand. sorry. #137
  • Extremely sorry for the previous design. Accidentally wrote valley instead of village. #140
  • Hey!
    I designed this logo for you. Hope you like it.
    Thanks! #139
  • Please give me feedback. I am ready to work for you.
    thank you #133
  • check please #108
  • how about this...? #105
  • Please give me feedback. I am ready to work for you.
    thank you #104
  • Hello Sir, Please check and feedback. Thanks #95
  • SIV
    Sorry just amend the colour of the image, you can leave the text as is. #53
    • Hi and thank you for your feedback and sorry for the palm trees.
      See #85 as revision , with blue tones instead of red as requested.
      Let me know if you need anyhting else (pandanus palm tree for instance).

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    or (2) #80
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    like this (1) #79
  • SIV
    About #36, @mmkdesign Can you please put this design back into the contest. Thankyou
  • SIV
    Please remove the palm trees and replace the red tones with blue ones #53
  • SIV
    All, There are no coconut palms in the area. No entries using coconut palms will be considered. If you want to use a tree consider the use of a pandanus palm.
  • SIV
    Can you change the tones to that of #7? #28