Stadley Ruff

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Project description

We are looking for a logo for our company of high quality 

dog accessories. 

The logo will be used on all products/merchandise, therefore, attention to detail is EXTREMELY important. 

Logos considered will be:
- gray, white, and a bright touch of blue.
- include a simple and clean outline of a dog (use RUFFWEAR logo for inspiration)
- dog should be inside a circle with text around circle
- text should ONLY say "Stadley Ruff"
- NO copyrighted images!!

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  • My design for the logo. Any revisions can be done. Feedback would be very helpful as well. #139
  • @mlittle531
    Hello, this the design I've enjoyed working, with variations. I would apreciate your review for my entries #133 #134 #135 #136 #137
    Thank you. #133
  • About #125, @Ebtihal
    Thanks very much for the feedback,
    Do you require specific font for the logo, or any other changes to make this design perfect ?
  • If you have any questions or design changes, please let me know.

    fcurtis #128
  • Great! Please place text around border of picture with font seen in entry 94. #127
  • Hi,
    Would really appreciate your feedback on my designs #125 and #126
  • Hello. Please your look my design sir. #124
  • Outer part with text is EXCELLENT! Please change dog character all together. #103
  • I like the black and white circle border as it is. I only want the area behind the dog to be FILLED with BRIGHT blue. Please see entry #107 for reference. #104
  • I made it more simple.. #113
  • Another option color fill. #112
  • Sorry for late respond, which color do you means? appreciate your feedback.. thank's #111
  • Great simple design! Please add text in circle around dog as seen in other entries. #109
  • Please fill inner circle around dog with bright blue. #104
  • please like #106
  • Please find my revision design, but the ears point still not direct to upward.. It's normally to leftward :) thank's #105
  • Please eliminate stars and submit in black and white as seen in #94. Also would like dogs head to be looking upward as seen in #101. #92
    • @mlittle531 hi, we can do that, but we don't have time anymore, besides, to turn its head will take a while 'cause that's a lineart logo. the contest has expired. but if you are satisfied with my design, then maybe you can choose me as the winner. by then, we both have 7 days to modify the design.

    • @friendnand fyi, if contests expire, artists don't have any upload button to continue the submissions. so, if you want the design, then pick a winner.

    • @friendnand i have extended the contest for another 7 days to allow ample time for adjustments from all designers

  • hi CH @mlittle531 please check my entries design at #74 and #75
  • Great dog! Please change outline of dog to black and change ears to point upward. Also please circle dog character in same text/design #94. #101
  • @mlittle, hi, here it is. please check. thank you #95