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Strength Science Studios, LLC is a personal training and physical rehabilitation studio that is creating a new standard in the industry. We are headed by an exercise physiologist, recognized as an international expert, with post graduate study in muscle physiology, molecular biology, and genetics. Our trainers go through a rigorous education, internship, and testing / certification program. Although we can work with clients of any age or ability, our target markets are our seniors and post or pre physical rehabilitation. Our mission is to stimulate the body to heal itself, combat age related muscle loss, and keep our clients mobile throughout the aging process, and on a path of independent living. We use a high intensity, low velocity resistance training protocol on specialized MedX equipment, ideally suited for our demographic. This is not the typical “gym.” All sessions are by appointment only in a private setting. Our trainers are passionate about our mission and form long term friendships with our clients. We don’t just provide you with a personal trainer, but a personal physiologist. We teach what the scientific literature indicates is the best and safest way to train. Science is our middle name. We want to provide a “Mercedes Benz” if not a “Bentley” experience. We need branding that is modern, simple, bold, and professional. We do like the 3D effect. 

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  • Please check my design,thank you. #151
  • About #95, @hmamonto27 studios should be plural, as we plan to open more than one. Can you fix this? Thanks.
  • About #60, @alom why did you withdraw your other designs? I liked your work. I am waiting until the end of the contest and have the other people that work with me cast a vote.
  • just tell if someone wants to be corrected. #96
  • this design might suit your company. let me know if anyone wants to change. #95
  • this page may help you in your decision-making:
    • @archinla The site is being redesigned. Do you have another source or reference. Thanks.

    • @exercisesciencellc sorry- he's obviously updating as it's a great resource that gets lots of traffic and worth people looking at it. Google "generic logos" and you'll see more or less many examples of the same thing

    • @exercisesciencellc

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  • My idea is:
    A symbol representing a strong body, with stretching
    And dynamic simobolos around, representing Science. #45
  • About #2, @alom I like this, especially the font / typeface and color scheme. Can you show me how this would look printed on paper / business cards? Thanks.
  • About #29, @luk This is much better. Thank you.
  • About #16, @CKS Strength is misspelled.
  • About #16, @CKS Strength is misspelled.
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