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My name is Tanja Stadnic. I am a professional Artist and I paint exclusively Porsche cars for customers all over the world. I am currently looking for a new brand identity. The following items should be included in the logo. 

- TanjaStadnic.com
- Porsche Acrylic Art

For anybody it should be clear that my brand is associated with the Porsche brand, however no official Porsche logo or anything else from them may be used. I should have a true unique logo reflecting my own brand. For more inspiration please visit www.tanjastadnic.com

Colors should match the color scheme as used on my website or take a look at www.porsche.com for any inspiration.

Looking forward to see the results!


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  • Hello
    how about my design?
    please feedback for better results
    greetings and thank you very much
    regards #171
  • Simple, Attractive and Powerful logo... #139
  • TanjaStadnic.com. Sample Logo design. #122
  • TanjaStadnic.com. Sample Logo design. #121
  • Sample logo design. #117
  • Any other changes so please tell me #91
    • @shajeel it's unfortunately not what I am looking for

  • Hello tanja1, Please kindly check my concept. Inside the shield it observe the letter S and also the letter T. Feel free to comment any thought that you have about my entry. Your feedback will be very appreciated always. KIND REGARDS! #101
  • canvas look mirror glasses #96
  • little bit retro #95
  • Please comment on the design that I created , may help , Thanks #69
    • @denuansyah unfortunately this is not the direction I am looking for

  • Dear CH,
    Feedback would be much Appreciated.& can you please rate my design?? #68
  • Hi CH,
    sorry i have withdrawn this design because i forgot to give the tagline #67
  • orange porsche vol2 #65
  • Hello CH,
    please check my proposal design.

    Thank you. #60
  • I have send my design , i added some porsche element and your art character be a simple design . wish u like it sir . Thank you
  • raa
    I have designed this option by incorporating elements (fonts, colors, etc) of the Porsche logo to connect you and your art to the brand. I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #44
  • I like what you did. Could you present this logo with colors (not like #42 or #40, they seem different) Try Tanjastadnic.com in black, Porsche Acrylic Art in Red. The crest in black and the inside of the crest in Red. #41
    • About #41, @tanja1 ok im not 100% clear on your details, but I will try to do what I think you mean...and we can always go from there!

  • Sir, kindly check this out and let me know... #31
  • hi sir , please see my design from the #6 , #7 , #8 , #9 , #10 . thanks hopefully from my design there that makes you interested :)
    • @septiandiagus1 Hi, design #6 is appealing to me.. could you please try to put the TS in the form of the Porsche crest? https://www.google.nl/search?q=porsche+crest&espv=2&biw=1078&bih=776&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGp7XEocHOAhUDuRoKHUr6BMQQ_AUIBigB

    • @tanja1 ok I'll try, wait for my next design :)

    • @tanja1 Hi, I hope you like my designs are now :) #26 , #27 , if there are less say so , I'll go back revisions

  • Hello, could you please give me feedback on #17
    Thanks :)
    • @thelectro it's not bad.. only I don't see yet the association with Porsche.