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Project description

We are high end design build construction firm, but will be opening new design gallery where many interior designers and architects will be able to work with homeowners to design and sell our home improvement products, cabinetry, flooring, windows and doors, stone and etc..  

Please visit our current website www.tbsconstructions.com 

This will be separate entity but would like to keep TBS elements. Tenacity - Benevolence - Satisfaction   

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  • It is very similar to original logo but more sophisticated and your sign is modified to hand frame (which is shown below first logo above). Such hand frame signifies segment (part) of something which we could separate and then imagine to be in our home and work space. Please consider my idea. Thank you
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  • Hey,
    Hope you will like this design.
    If you want any change please let me know.

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    logo attached
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