The Animal Lawyer

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Project description

For a law firm specialising in animal law. I want something quite simple and clean, but I like clever designs. Hidden letters or meaning within the words would be great.

I don't like logos that are too busy, so keep it simple and professional.  It doesn't need to contain images of animals.

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  • Keo
    Ple. Check and Commet #361
  • @2leahm Hello please see entries #352 #355 & #356 thanks
  • full support...... even promotion #345
  • the idea was to give it a common animal face let people decide what animal it may be mouse it might be a cat it might dog it might be a all depends on what you see it also shaped like a shield which represents defense..#344
  • Hi @2leahm
    Please find my entry #336, #337, #338, #339, #340. Feedback greatly appreciated
  • Hopefully like this one #331
  • Hi contest Holder, this is my second Version of my work.
    the only different is the paw and bottom line is in gold colour. #324
  • hi Contest Holder, this is my work and i hope u like it.
    Deception : My work is base on3 symbol of law & Animal. for example
    the top part is a Pillar that represent the court&Law
    and the bottom is the Tips of a Pen that represent
    professionalism in your work. and the last one, is
    pet paw in the middle of the pen. that represent the
    ink of the pen and also mean is your objective in your work.

  • Hello Sir,
    Can you please give me feedback for the design, or maybe stars, so i will know how to improve it before the end of the contest?
  • Dear @2leahm ,
    Another option
    Thanks #301
  • Dear @2leahm ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #300
  • dear sir,
    I uploaded some works on your contest.
    kindly check them.
    It will be my pleasure to work for you.
    With Regards #292
  • feedback please #291
  • feedback please #290
  • uesing of dolphin.. #281
  • i make this creative design... #279
  • please feedback so that I can work better for you.
    because your satisfaction is my main priority.
    Thank you. #278
  • Please check this submission, thanks. #271
  • . #269