The Churro Shop, 'a taste of Spain'

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Project description

Company's name is,' The Churro Shop' 

Maybe, ' The Churro Shop cafe"

a tag line underneath
will read, 'a taste of Spain'

Chrros is a fried pastry specialty from Spain. It is always served with a hot thick chocolate drink. The churro is dipped into the hot chocolate before eaten.

A logo identifying the product will stand next to the name and tag line.

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  • Can you make it more into a churro shape. The edges need to be longer are sharper , but with soft round points. The thing is that the actual shape doesnt look like a churro, and I'm wondering if a churro shape would look better than the actual design. Maybe not, but i wanted to a see the possibility. #76
    • About #76, @Tiffna did you give these new versions a look?
      If you want them more longer and sharper with rounded edges...I will make it :)

    • About #76, @Tiffna
      You may please let me know if this is fine.

  • Kunvar, can you make the circle pattern more of a churro shape?, more like a 7 sided star, but without the sharp points, give them a little roundness #76
    • Hello @Tiffna! As the contest has expired I cannot submit entries here but yes on this link: I have shown 4 versions of the design. If you have any other changes in your mind let me know I can bring the required changes with ease.

    • @Tiffna
      7 pointed star shape with churro's rounded corner... let me know if you want something else

  • see the design #107
  • Logo Design.

    Here is the best option about your store logo.

    hope you like it and please give me your feedback.

    Thanks. #96
  • Colours Varying as this file is for print and the colour changed to pink as its showing RGB format
  • With This Theme I can produce more illustration and design as per your demand #85
  • @tiffna
    Hello hope you're well. What happend with my designs. I thought you previously liked them, shall i alter anything or withdraw from the contest if you have found what you need
  • About #16, @CreateDesign Oops! Sorry, I'll remove that as well. Had just posted the previous revision when I saw your latest message.
  • As Design 16 but without the coffee cup. #77
  • can you take away "cafe" aswell #16
  • can we see it without the coffee cup? #16
  • can you make the back ground black please? #26
  • can you make bigger, ' taste of spain'

  • Hope you like! #74
  • Done! :) #55
    • @tiffna where does this option stand in rankings. Anything further i can do to perfect it?

    • @juliehaydar will be geting together at the end of the contest and deciding. Thanks.

  • minor fix on stroke widths #68
  • updated design to look more like a bulls horns, having the chocolate representing the leather that wraps the horns with in the middle. #68 #69 #70
  • Hey,hope you will like this design.
    If you want any change please let me know. #59
  • raa
    Comments and feedback welcome #58
  • concept #53