The Elm / The 88 / 88 On Elm

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Project description

We are looking for a logo that reflects the building. Very modern , high end and in in the logo utilize the look of the building. It will be a beautiful full glass building. See image of building attached

There are 3 possible names for a new apartment building being renovated right now

The Elm / The 88

It is a 13 story vacant office building currently planned to be converted from a bland, brick and cement building with narrow windows into a modern, largely glass mixed-use structure with ground-floor commercial, 36 apartments and a two-story office at the top with a wraparound balcony

Minimal vs. Complex- classy simple and slightly complex. 
Modern vs. Classic- classic modern
Playful vs. Serious- neither. 
Loud vs. Subtle- subtle 
Luxury vs. Budget-- luxury 
Have included pictures of what the building will look like and logo's we like

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  • I ready feedback #87
  • This model is representative, showing the style of the logo and can be used with other names. This time highlighting the number 88, which gives a symbolic aspect to the brand. #86
  • This model is representative, showing the style of the logo and can be used with other names. Using a graphic synthesis of the building. #85
  • The Elm #68
  • luxury design for the elm #61
  • Could you do this style of logo but with all 3 names? #10
    • Please check #45 and #46 About #10, @bwallace

  • @bwallace #34
  • raa
    Comments and feedback welcome #33
  • this is my contribution #28
  • simple and elegant #27
  • @bwallace #23
  • This is what you asked for, same backgorund, with the 3 different names. Hope you like it. #4
  • Can you do this logo but with the 3 possible names and same background
    • About #1, @bwallace of course give me 15 to make the changes and upload it

  • These variations are the proposal for you. Is a mixture of colors and designs that can be selected individually for your convenience. Greetings. #2
  • This is an example of branded images of The Glass Elm, a possible variation of your name I'd like to propose. Hope you like it. Also uploaded the other versions of the logo. Good luck. #1