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thirstyer is a playful light brand that produces women's bikinis, ath-leisure wear, cross-fit and bodybuilding wardrobe.  We need a logo to reflect our brand.  We are fun in the sun, showing off what the work has done, kind of company.  The y calls to the shape where a woman's legs meet, but doe snot need to be the focus.  While we want a logo that has our whole name in it, the Y should be distinct, and able to stand alone.  When it appears by itself, it should be recognizable.

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  • By stacking the T and Y, I hoped to create a high-waisted bikini outline reminiscent of the 1960s. I hope you like it. Any and all feedback would be appreciated! #130
  • You had stated you were a "fun in the sun" swimwear/ athletic wear line. To stay on theme, I tried to utilize the Y as a segment of the sun without losing the original meaning/feel of the Y if it were to stand alone. I hope you like it. #129
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  • - Hello! I hope you will like it. Made it fun and with a Y icon. If you need any changes, let me know please. Thanks. #101
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