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Project description

We are starting a brand called "Tivas". This is for our company that will be cultivating and extracting marijuana/cannabis. We would be growing the plants and extracting the oils, we would then be selling our products to distributors and wholesalers.

We are looking for something that makes us look professional. We don't want a logo that looks edgy or grunge looking. 

We were thinking of the logo being something where the "T" in Tivas is larger than the rest of word and maybe have some leaves coming off of it as an idea, but we are open to other ideas as well.

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  • I hope you like my designs for you
    and if you like to see any changes (colors, fonts, etc) or have some suggestions, please request.
    I will always be ready to do the best for you until you feel satisfied with my design.
    Have a great day
    Warm regards.
  • @acquisitions Hope you like it, Letter T with a marijuana combo. in circle form. #85
  • Tivas #81
  • Tivas #80
  • Tivas #79
  • T extracting the marijuana into oil that comes out...this is the concept...if you like it it will be an honour to have a response from you..thank you #78
  • Tivas #53
  • Give Feed Back #31
  • please give me feedback, #26
  • Letter T with cannabis leaf and oil drop. #25
  • Fields and leaf with drop of cannabis oil. #23
  • Leaf of cannabis with oil drop. #22
  • Hi! Here's my design. Hope you like it. #21
  • Hi! Here is my design. Hope you like it! #20
  • Kindly Give Feedback if need more tweaks. #14