Turks and Caicos International Golf Club

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Project description

We are looking for a new logo design for potentially rebranding our golf club.  The golf club has been open since 1992 and you can find more information here:  www.provogolfclub.com.

The logo should ideally reflect its status as the only golf club in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean.  We want to ensure the logo clearly implies "golf", which could include the use of golf clubs or golf flag.  If possible, we would also like it to reflect the Caribbean.

We have added colours into the brief after 7 days.  These are colours that would reflect the Caribbean Golf Course.  We are not looking for a dark coloured logo.  These are just examples, we are looking for inspiration.

Please note that our Golf Club is HIGH END, 18 hole rounds start at $195 in the high season.

Participants vary in age and gender, however, the average golfer is from the United States and Canada.  Although the majority of our golfers are middle aged, we want the logo to also appeal to the Millennium generation.  We do not want to reflect just a MALE golfer, we want the logo to appeal to both men and women.

It's very important to use that the logo will be clear to use on MERCHANDISING.   We have a large pro-shop and we sell shirts, hats, shorts, and all types of golfing items that will utilize the logo.

The logo will be used on all of our marketing material, as well as clothing and merchandise, so it therefore needs to be suitable for embroidery.

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  • simple, letter T and C with golf ball i hope you like it #315
  • Variation of #153. #313
  • hi, this is my logo i hope you like it
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    Please find the attached file and give me feedback .
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    please check it. Thanks #287
  • Greetings, thank you very much for allowing me to be part of this contest and project. Here I send my proposal of logo design for your club. I hope you like it. Any modification do not hesitate to let me know. a big hug for you. #286
  • Another composition. #279
  • Here is the revised version, is that look better or not? #277
  • Could the T in the Turks be made into the Palm Tree? #272
    • @ProvoGolf Sure! I'll upload the updated version soon.

  • Please do the review and give us your feedback.#276
    Prodesign (Prodizajn)
  • Another concept. #272
  • The logo needs to appeal to both men and women. #257
  • Hi there. Hope you like this very simple concept and provide any feedback. Thank you. #271
  • Tcigc #261
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