Twisted Soul Chicken & Waffles

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Project description

Twisted Soul is a urban soul food restaurant serving up authentic delicious golden fried chicken & waffles. 

Although Twisted Soul is known for its chicken & waffles, there’s a whole menu’s worth of scratch-made soul food.

Would like a trendy logo. 

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  • please check my designs #160
    I hope my designs represent your business
  • Sir,Check it.I hope you like it and if you any change feedback please .
    Thank you. #148
  • hi...its my design. i hope u like an give feedback , thx #133
  • Simple design #130
  • Does not capture who we are. #58
  • Not creative enough. Does not capture who we are. #95
  • Not creative enough. Does not capture who we are. Would have liked to see the key elements of who we are incorporated #42
  • Not creative enough and does not capture who we are. #42
  • Looks like a fireball. Does not capture who we are. #50
  • Not vibrant. Doesn't capture who we are. #96
  • packaging example #125
  • Hi, here is my design. I hope you like it.
    Thank you. #123
  • Plain want a more vibrant logo #94
  • I don't like the angry chicken #98
  • I dont like the angry chicken #99
  • About #81, @deangelohall241 Kentuky fried chicken logo also had nothing to do with chicken a fries, the important thing is to express a trendy and relaxed lifestile in the logo more than a chicken and a waffle. I think your brand is more than that.
  • check this logo #101
  • I don't like the colors and just don't like #74
  • Spelling is wrong and logo looks a little creepy #75
  • Logo is confusing and spelling is wrong #79