UCB, United Community Bank, ucbanking.com

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Project description

We are looking to redesign our logo.  Our formal company name is United Community Bank and we use the initials UCB.  We are looking to simplify our logo using the company initials and create something that is simple, modern, and less institutional than our current logo.  For more info regarding our colors visit our site at ucbanking.com 

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  • dear sir please feedback me.thanks #416
  • sir i hope you like it.thanks #415
  • Hi,
    Please have a look. If you need to change anything please let me know.
    I am waiting for your valuable feedback? #413
  • hope you like it.thanks #407
  • dear sir please check my design and feedback me.thanks #406
  • О дизайне #391, @olgert up-ward movement.
  • This is my 4th design with the initial only logo based from my 3rd design. Any feedback will be apreciated. #385
  • UCB, United Community Bank, ucbanking.com #383
  • UCB, United Community Bank, ucbanking.com #381
  • UCB Design 04: color combination- royal blue/ golden yellow #372
  • UCB Design 03: color combination- sapphire blue/ golden yellow #371
  • UCB Design 02: color combination- black/ golden yellow #370
  • UCB Design 01: color combination- grey/golden yellow #369
  • This is my 3rd design. Using the color scheme from your website while keep using the old tringle logo so your previous customer doesnt confuse with your company. Any feedback will be apreciated. #365
  • My next concept, Sir. I turned triangle in the old logo to be part of "U", symbolic of united. Minimalist, simple and clean. I hope you like it. Thank you :) #364
  • THE LOGO ABOVE IS A COMBINED LETTER OF U.C.B, I hope you like it. thank you #350
  • Here You can see letter U and C in Icon Also there is a lock-hole that stands for security. #334
  • I tried to line the bottom part of the B and the C together and intertwine the U into the C to give it a chain link (united) feel. Enjoy! #331
  • I wanted to stack the C (made to look like the cent symbol) and B on a diagonal to make it look like an S. Like this, the S has two purposes - 1) to slightly resembles a dollar sign and 2) as the letter S, the overall look could read US which plays on the united community feel. I hope you enjoy! #328