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AmmexWear is a Premium Medical Apparel (think scrubs) company. The primary distribution of AmmexWear products is through an ecommerce website and other ecommerce channels. Therefore, a strong brand presence is required because the main way we connect with our customers will be through digital marketing. 

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  • Hi,

    This logo icon is designed with triangles, translating to AW for the Ammexwear logo.

    Tajudeen #271
  • This is an update on previous design.

    Tajudeen #268
  • Hi! I'm Andrea from Italy, if you like that feel free to contact me for improvements or corrections. Scrool down and use the zoom lens in the top for full resolution preview.

    Thanks. :) #254
  • Hi!

    Here is my design. Hope you like it!

  • Revised Design #205.. #207
  • Hello, There..

    Here I Came Up With new Design, Looks Great Yet Highly Conceptual With Respect to Medical Apparel Company..

    The Design Comprises The Medical Icon Incorporated To Design Apparel Within It, Which looks Professional yet Decent With Respect To Design As Well As Colors..

    Hoping For The best..
    Feedback Appreciated..
    Thanks :) #205
  • About #201, @dilipdomain007
    Professional Logo Design With Respect To Medical Apparel..

    Feedback Appreciated..
    Thanks :)
  • please check #187
  • please check #186
  • "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci #185
  • please check #182
  • Hello, There..

    The Premium Medical Apparel Company has its own official identifying mark that’s aesthetically pleasing..

    This identifying mark reflects the Medical Sign Incorporated To Design The Letter 'AW' Within It Which Looks Professional Yet Unique With Respect To Medical Aspects..

    Please Do Review The Design, & Let Me Know The Opinion Over The Design :)
    Feedback Appreciated..
    Thanks )

  • Dear Project Owner (sorry, i didn't get your name), it is imperative that you understand the feedback that you provide, have a direct impact on the overall performance of the project. It is a reflection of how your potential customer will perceive your organisation in the long run, be it a logo, product or service. As time is of the essence, please be very precise. How you communicate with the designer is how you speak to your customer. If i've forgotten my manners, please allow me this opportunity to thank you for including us in the development of your brand. We have confirmation your search is for one (1) designer, appreciate it very much if you would please inform the rest of us to quickly move on. "One touch of nature makes the whole world kin". - Simon H. #180
  • My proposal design 01 #176
  • a #171
  • Please check my design, I hope you like it.
    v1 #167
  • how about this? #142
  • how about this? #140