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Project description

We are a human services non-profit organization based in Western Massachusetts.  We have just merged with another human services company.  We are building a new image from the merger and we would like a new logo for the new entity.  We work primarily with people with disabilities to help them work, live, learn and thrive in the community.  The new company name is Viability.  We are seeking a logo for Viability.  The 'Ability' part of the name should stand out whether it's a capital V and A, or 'ability' bolded or in a different color; we leave that to you.  A logo-graphic, if used, should be to the left of the company name.  We would prefer only 2-colors, one of them being black.  Simple, but memorable. 

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  • The inverted V is nice, but a little too dark and techy. #287
  • The inverted V is nice, but a little too dark and techy. #288
  • The joining of the letters makes for a nice look. #289
  • Very digital style lettering. #291
  • The lettering is choppy, but the bird; (phoenix-style) logo is very creative. #292
  • Very rugged, iron style logo. #293
  • A little too edgy for our human service company. #295
  • Very creative. A little like a J... but it stands out. #296
  • Similar to a sunrise theme. Very cool. #298
  • Great concept for the mark. #299
  • Funky... but slightly confusing. #300
  • Too close to the VA logo. #301
  • Simple, but the logo doesn't match the font. #302
  • I like the handscript of this one. It doesn't quite match the font, but it's very cool #304
  • Great idea with the symmetrical logo. #305
  • Cool idea. Fun and edgy. The font is not stable enough. #306
  • Very different than the rest. It stands out. #308
  • Interesting take with the I. #309
  • Great idea with the human-theme. A little too edgy, but a great idea. #310
  • The crossing of the lines works well. The A is too tech-y, though. #311