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Project description

Our company is a new, fresh, but still very true to it's roots wine company.  We specialize in importing distinct wines from around the world.  We also sell our own wines under our own label.  

We are looking for a logo that represents our unique yet sill very traditional style.  Our current logo (sample provided) is very organic in how it looks, we like that it had good representation of a vine to represent the wine, plus a grape leaf to help represent the vine.

We are looking for someone to take inspiration from our current logo but bring it 180 degrees to something modern that can still show everyone what we do.

UPDATE: I think we have a great selection of classical looking designs.  We only have a few modern looking samples though.  We are looking to see more modern designs with modern font, graphics, ideas.  If we can get some of your guys expertise with some more modern looking logos to throw in the mix, that would be great.  Thanks so much.

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  • Kinda interesting design. Can you provide just the last version on white background? thx #286
    • @vineadotca Sorry, just the logo (the colored one below the black/white version). No bottle. Thx

    • About #286, @vineadotca Sorry, I've just realized the contest has expired and it is too late to submit the design :/

    • About #286, @vineadotca

  • About #170, @vineadotca
    sorry I'm late revisions logo me, because I have a problem with my computer and now I can only use my computer anymore .. I send my logo revision in
  • Can you provide this one, flattened on white background so we and see how it would look that way? Cheers #161
    • About #161, @vineadotca Dear, Thanks for your feedback. But right now now way to submit anymore design. If you give me an opportunity then I will provide you this design as your requirement. Regards.

  • Ok, looks like I could not extend the contest tonight. I will find out from support tomorrow. Would like to keep things going here for another week as we lost a bit of time while I was away for work. Thank you again for your submissions and stand by.
  • please chack ..thanks #315
  • hi please check my design. thanks... #312
  • please chack and feedback..thank you #306
  • Thanks, glad you like it. #228 White background with different font colors. #300
  • Hi @vineadotca, there are my updated design, please check it, best regards #299 #302 #303 #305 #307
  • #232 White background with different font colors. #298
  • @vineadotca; about #117 white backgound #294
  • Hello, here I did work with the required changes. I hope it's better now. Best Regarts. #293
  • Hi please check my second design, Any comment would be great. Thanks #290
  • Can you provide this in black on white background variant + what are your thoughts on a colored version? How would you add some color to it? Thank you. #130
    • afm

      About #130, @vineadotca Thank you very much for your feedback. I will upload some color variations. Maybe
      it could work a color version by adding
      some burgundy tones.

  • About #288 #289
    Need feedback, please.

  • Can you make a slight adjustment on this one? The wording and grapes, if you could make them more to the same gradient or solid color as the outer rings. Also, on a white background too pls. thx #236
    • About #236, @vineadotca Many thanks for the feedback . okay I 'll update my design and send it back as soon.

  • About #127, @tomakaka please give me feedback on the design, so I can fine-tune fit your expectations
    • @tomakaka Thank you for your submissions.

  • Can you provide this on a white background. Ty #117
    • About #117, @vineadotca ; many thanks' for your response, I will do as you want just wait for second 

  • Looks interesting. Can you provide this version (on the white background as you have it) but with less color elements. For example #285 looks very nice but the flattened version doesn't look as good for a reason. Not sure if it is because of the color elements. Thx #281
  • Can you provide the red version of this but on a white background? Thx #134