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Beginning stages of a cell phone accessory line (cell phone cases, speakers, head phones, etc.). We will be launching with a large buyer, so the logo has to immediately have an impact on our buyer's customers (retail store clientele). The logo has to attract all sorts of buyers, from young to old, as it will be on all of our packaging. The logo can be simple, but have complex elements. Some symbol to signify our brand/retail space would be wonderful. Although we are close to 50/50 on the look and feel of the design, we understand it can go in either direction. In the end, it has to speak volumes to all ages and any type of buyer (whether they are a budget purchaser or have plenty to spend). We are open to several types of styles, but, again, it has to go well on packaging and represent the company well. As for colors scheme, this can always change. Primarily searching for creativity. 

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  • This design includes all the company's name charachters and it also resembels with the wireless simbol, and the color combination gives the seriosness meaning in the logo, hope you'll like it :) #938
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    The logo is a simple wordmark with a unique letter “V”. The letter V is formed by incorporating a lightning bolt to it in a subtle way such that it blends perfectly with the letter V and all the other characters and at the same time can still be seen as a lightning bolt.

    I decided to use the lightning bolt because it is used widely to visually represent voltage/electricity and so that the symbol would have some relevance to your brand name. Overall, the logo is simple with a unique feature that will easily memorable coupled with the welcoming and friendly color scheme.

    Below is the link to the complete files

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7fVWe09cxCoUFU3R3czd0o3NUU #885
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