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Project description

Yalla Protein is a start up in UAE that is launching into the highly competitive sport nutrition market. Yalla Protein will sell a suite of protein products and will attract customers from all walks of life, body builders to day-to-day gym goer.

The logo / brand needs to catch people's eye and represent the brand name. "Yalla" in has multiple meanings in Arabic but in general it means 'lets go', 'fast', 'do it'

It is preferred that the logo / brand it similar to the pictures attached i.e. Logo with Yalla Protein' written somewhere in the logo / brand.

Colours are up to the designer to determine but they need to catch the eye and be memorable.

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  • Sir please check out this design hope you like it i Have included a man showing his muscles with the map of UAE and Yalla Protein with the weights.Hope you like this concept.If you need any color changes please let me know I am there for your service.
    Thank you #388
  • high end logo, hope you like the concept. #355
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  • high quality illustration, perfect for your branding. need any changes let me know . thank you! #326
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