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We are an import company based in NYC. We focus on importing great beverages (beer, wine, liquor, soda, tea, and coffee) from around the world. We are looking for a logo that is modern, warm, and hip. Feel free to have fun and be creative and do anything you think brings the logo to life (any colors even if not listed below). One thing is we are trying to stay away from logos with wine bottles, beer bottles, or any type of bottles in it as we may be importing other items in the future (so no bottles or the like in the logo.) Thanks for taking the time to design for us!

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  • i like the lettering can we see it with a smaller symbol?
    • About #151, @dan10
      sorry I'm late reading your comments and can not upload new designs

  • maybe bolder letters and smaller symbol?
  • can we see this with some color and more spacing between "yardley"
    • About #12, @dan10 i'm sorry, i'm late for revision

  • can we smooth out the font and make the symbol smaller?
    • About #233, @dan10 Ravindu ok. I'll do it. :)

  • Made an adjustment #362
  • Sorry I'm late to the game. I hope you will consider this an option. #361
  • we need a simpler logo. what do you have?
    • i just posted a simpler design. About #82, @dan10

  • @dan10 rate my design please #344
  • YT #343
  • Yardley Trading #342
  • About #195, @ArtProDuo Version #326 , #327 ,#334 . #335
  • any chance we can change the shape of the Y?
    • Hello. I added couple of different shape of the Y. Thank you for the feedback.

  • this symbol is confusing to us. what else do you have?
    • About #195, @dan10 Version #326 , #327

  • Hopefully you can consider it. thank you #323
  • About #122, @EldesignerAB Rate please
  • can we see a big one in all black?
    • About #95, @dan10 - Uploaded in all black. See #312

  • Yardley Trading - All black #312
  • love the font, feel eh about the logo, what else do you have in that regard?
    • About #59, @dan10 Dear CH thank you for feedback, please check my new etrys #307 #308
      Kind Regards...

  • not bad what about a smaller logo and a bolder font?

  • i think we are looking for something less busy and more professional looking