Classical Books Got Romantic Covers On St. Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 12, 2016

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Classical Books Got Romantic Covers On St. Valentine’s Day

It is not surprising when we are trying to make some holidays memorable and bright. Eurydyka Kata and Rafal Szczawinski, creative designers from Re:Design studio decided to redesign 14 popular book covers on the occasion of  St. Valentine’s Day. The main idea was a heart as the center of composition. Look what they have as a result.

lovely-book-cover-design lovely-book-cover-design2 lovely-book-cover-design3 lovely-book-cover-design4 lovely-book-cover-design5 lovely-book-cover-design6 lovely-book-cover-design7 lovely-book-cover-design8 lovely-book-cover-design9 lovely-book-cover-design10 lovely-book-cover-design11 lovely-book-cover-design12 lovely-book-cover-design13 lovely-book-cover-design14

By the way, if you have some specific idea for your book cover and need designer to bring it to life we can help. Start a contest and let many designers compete for you 🙂

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