It is not surprising when we are trying to make some holidays memorable and bright. Eurydyka Kata and Rafal Szczawinski, creative designers from Re:Design studio decided to redesign 14 popular book covers on the occasion of  St. Valentine’s Day. The main idea was a heart as the center of composition. Look what they have as a result.

lovely-book-cover-design lovely-book-cover-design2 lovely-book-cover-design3 lovely-book-cover-design4 lovely-book-cover-design5 lovely-book-cover-design6 lovely-book-cover-design7 lovely-book-cover-design8 lovely-book-cover-design9 lovely-book-cover-design10 lovely-book-cover-design11 lovely-book-cover-design12 lovely-book-cover-design13 lovely-book-cover-design14

By the way, if you have some specific idea for your book cover and need designer to bring it to life we can help. Start a contest and let many designers compete for you 🙂

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