The recent movement for more “green” and “environmentally-friendly” products has opened up a whole new avenue for budding designers to take note of. Themes of nature and sustainability, co-linked with product placement and services, have become the new norm and are a must-have item in one’s design portfolio. Just take a look at some of Toyota’s wonderful Prius ads (here and here on YouTube), or this Honda commercial, also on YouTube. Not interested in vehicle advertisement examples? How about this one from Clorox, or this ad from IBM. Need some inspiration for nature-themed projects? Read on!


While getting some fresh air may seem like a luxury, especially for those with hectic, busy schedules, do take every opportunity to do so. Look closely at the exquisite detail found everywhere in nature and draw inspiration from it. Even simple things, like leaves, puddles, gloomy clouds and more are each unique and totally amazing in design. Regardless of whether or not you are an outdoors lover, you should still be able to appreciate the amazing, vibrant and wild nature found outside your doorstep.

Many artists recognize the value of natural-themed projects in their portfolio and have at least one or two such works included. If you are having a hard time taking a concept or thought inspired by the great outdoors to the designer screen, try some of my favorite Photoshop tutorials for natural graphic design works. Need some rain effects (think: My Neighbor Totoro and the bus waiting scene)? Tackle this relatively straightforward rain effect tutorial. How about an awesome “green” grass effect? Here’s just the fix, thanks to PSDTuts.Ever seen a beautiful sun beam pierce the clouds? If so, you’ll appreciate this Photoshop tutorial on creating a similar effect in your work. Finally, who hasn’t taken a waterfall picture and wanted to smooth out the lovely flowing motion of the water? Try this nice tutorial for a nice method of doing it.

I have often taken the time to get a breather between projects, be it through a hike, fishing, or just taking a walk down the street. These little moments can be a real eye-opener and help keep my creative juices flowing. While this is certainly a refreshing break from the designer grind, it also allows me to draw inspiration from the flow seen in nature, all around me. There’s a wealth of inspiration for green and environmentally-friendly themed projects available, just waiting outside your front door. Go discover it today!