Looking for tools and tips on typography or just simply looking for ways to better you graphically designed business/personal webpage? Regardless if you are a beginner graphic designer or a professional, here are a handful of helpful websites that can help you get pointed in the right direction.





This handy website lets you embed fonts on your own personal or business sites using sIFR (a graphical interface). This site offers a whopping 1,000+ fonts and styles. The layout of this site is very neat and clean cut. As simple as it gets, all you need to do is locate the font and style you want to apply to your design or site, copy the corresponding embed code and then paste it into your site’s code. For those who upkeep personal blogs via WordPress, there is also a WordPress plugin offered on this site.

Typography Served

A myriad collection of fellow popular and independent graphic designers that offer their two cents on all things typographic related. It can range from inspirational images, articles, projects, and even newly discovered font packs. Creative graphic art works from various designers are also showcased on this site. Also, its main page shows recent graphic design related job postings, recent tweets from various graphic designers, and the latest postings from leading blogs. With an eye-catching layout and crisp imagery, this site is a must see for typography enthusiasts and graphics designers alike.

Font Matrix

This site is great especially for those seeking to cater to a particular audience or harness in more followings or business. You can choose and set your site to a font style that shows up most on specific groups’ computers to gain a better audience. This site displays fonts that are included with Mac and Windows operating systems, and also with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. Fonts are shown on an organized, categorical grid that allows the viewer to easily see which fonts are more likely to be seen on certain programs or computers.


This site is an excellent source for printed material related to typography. Everything from book titles, magazine articles, and news press, this site has it all. You can also browse though commentaries submitted by designers and what they have to say about the latest printed material and their take on the subject. Although this site mostly offers informational reviews, you can also peruse through other fellow designer’s comments on the reviews and also offer your tow cents that could be beneficial to other viewers.