You’ve finally done it! Your freelance business has grown to the point where you now have a full roster of clients, a couple fresh faces on staff and you’re ready to move into that new suite you’ve rented downtown. This is an amazing step in your career and you could’t be more excited about it. We’re very happy for you too, which is why we’re offering up this all-in guide on how to decorate that brand new front-end for your business.

  1. Throw Up Your Work: One of the absolute best things you can do to enhance your business, as well as the look of your new office, is to put up framed examples of your work. Logos especially well for this, as it’s sort of strange to have a website hanging up on your wall. Here’s what you should do, though: Pick out some logos that truly define what it is that you do as a designer. These should be prime examples of your own unique style. With that in mind, go ahead and print them out and put them in the lobby of your new building! It’s quick, simple, and it looks amazing on the wall. Trust us about this.
  2. Add Some IKEA Furniture: Now, you don’t necessarily have to go to IKEA to get your office ware, but we do suggest that you skip the bargain bin stuff and really go for furniture that exemplifies good design. Your clients should want to wait around in your lobby for a good five minutes, based solely on the fact that the furniture is great and fun to sit on.
  3. Paint it Up Nicely: You’re a graphic designer—you should have a third eye for all things hued! As such, be sure to really spend some time thinking about the colors you’ll be using to paint the space. Better yet, come up with a cool design for the interior, and then spray the walls with it. Make it look as if you’re passionate about your work (which we’re assuming you are, anyway) and your clients will like it all the more.