10 Inspiring Insurance Logo Designs

10 Best Insurance Logo Designs Insurance companies are an epitome of trust. People rely on their services and have complete confidence that their matters will be taken care of professionally and efficiently. Potential clients look for any indication that the company is the right fit for them, especially in...

The GO Logomark – an evolution of GoDaddy’s brand

GoDaddy is one of the most well known and established internet companies. Since 1997 GoDaddy has become the Go-to website for getting your domain names. Now, in 2020, the brand has evolved into much more. From web hosting to website builder products to new domain endings like .xyz, GoDaddy...

5 Tips For A Small Business Home Page Design

Nowadays, no kind of business can do without its own website. The fact that your company exists online, helps it to get promoted and to increase its sales. Therefore, a web design of your corporate site is rather important.

5 Essential Questions To Define Your Brand

Do you know how to present your company to others? Do you know how you can get more trust and develop a firm social media strategy? DesignContest has prepared 5 questions that will help you to achieve that!

Successful British Startups Or Why You Should Take The Risk

Despite all that unpleasant mess with Brexit and predicted economic difficulties, Britain is still the country that proves its reliability in terms of developing small business and startups. That’s why we offer you to look closely at 7 promising British startups that are going to save the day with...

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