When it comes to marketing, a lot of entrepreneurs focus only on Internet marketing, sales and others. These methods sometimes end up with something inefficient, sometimes ineffective and often takes a lot of time. In today’s media environment, sometimes simpler and more direct marketing efforts give the best results.
Here’s simple and useful marketing way that can make your brand to be remarkable for clients. We are talking about the promotion using perfectly designed T-shirts.
Just think! Next time you’re at the mall, take a moment to look around at what everybody is wearing. Count how many shirts you see with brands like Nike, Adidas, GAP and other popular brands on TV and movies. And your brand can be near them, you need just to create a design and start getting amazing results of T-shirts marketing usage.

“If you haven’t got a shirt, hat or jacket with your brand’s logo, you’re missing out on a powerful and affordable marketing opportunity.”

We share with you some infographics that answer to the next questions: 

1. What T-shirts have become remarkable to each person and why they did remember it?

2. What information about the T-shirt may surprise you?

3. What can be useful to know for designer regarding the techniques of printing?

4. What is the relationship between T-shirts and The Big Bang Theory?

5. What T-shirt is must-have in the wardrobe? 

6. What benefits can you get using DesignContest? 

Most Iconic T-Shirts of All Time


Source: http://infographicjournal.com/

20 Things You Never Knew About T-Shirts




What’s The Best T-shirt Printing Technique For Me?





Sheldon’s T-Shirts of The Big Bang Theory



Source: www.coolinfographics.com

T-shirts Everyone Must Have in the Wardrobe.



Source: impressestudio.com

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