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How To Design Effective Web Surveys

Whenever you launch a new website or update an old one, you need to collect the feedbacks from your audience. The same is with your current clients and the level of their satisfaction. This is when such a common and yet useful tool as a web survey comes in...

6 Books To Change Your World View

Every single day, we keep learning new things and changing ourselves. We meet new people, try new food, visit new places and live fascinating lives. Sometimes, things we face help us to change much faster: we can never be the same after learning new things and reading new books....

Website Redesign: Saving User Engagement

I have a friend, Alex. He is a successful businessman who owns a couple of online marketplaces. It’s hard to find a person who will be as much a perfectionist as Alex is. He likes it when his workplace is perfectly clean; he gets irritated when his wife puts...

Interview With Clients: DesignContest’s Other Side

“If I were you” – I bet you’ve heard this phrase more than once. It works in any situation for we can never stand in somebody’s shoes. Designers think that if they were clients they would provide the brief in a different way. Clients think that if they were...

Infographic: 10 Effective Ways To Drive Your Client Mad

Here are 10 effective ways to drive your client mad. Try not to follow them if you don’t want to scare all your clients away. Share this creative infographic so that your friends will never make such mistakes in their communication with a client. Stay with DesignContest: we’ve got a...

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