Hi to everyone, who’s up for some fresh designs!

Today I’m going to tell you about digital illustration.

But before I start showing you some awesome art, let’s cover the basic understanding of illustration and how it can become digital.

Using simple words, illustration is an image created to visually support or explain the text. Contemporary illustration today varies in styles and techniques (drawing, painting, collage, digital design, 3D modelling etc.).

As it was mentioned earlier, today the talk goes to digital world of illustration. In this case, artist uses digital tools to deliver an illustration (usually with graphic tablet or mouse).

This type of illustration is different from CGI and digital manipulation of photograph; however, photographic elements may be presented in such works.

Now that we know theory, let’s see practice. Check out amazing digital portraits from Evgeny Parfenov.

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Not enough? What about illustrations of Aren Vandenburgh?

jp-vectors-dribbble bear-dribbble deer-color

Let’s see how you like works of Pierre Kleinhouse: