Hi, dear readers! It’s the first Friday of the autumn, hope you are as happy as I am!

Today I want to get you inspired into some GIF-creation process. We all love GIFs and animated videos, but do we ever question ourselves what it is?

I suppose you are all familiar with Motion Graphics, or at least know what it’s about. For those of you – who does not, let me explain!

Motion graphics is a digital technique, which combines picture, words, audio and video together. Variously design elements (typography, illustrations, shapes etc.) are joined together to tell a story. This type of graphic design became possible with abrupt development of technology and ended up becoming an important tool in everyday toolkit of designer.

You like those animated illustrations? Motion Graphics!

Play video games? Motion Graphics!

Some cartoons before sleep? Motion Graphics!

Turns out its everywhere around us!

Where should you begin creating some of your own?

The software most frequently used in motion graphics design is After Effects, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Thou, it’s also important to have a solid understanding of design and animation basics. It’s not necessary to enroll into some pricey college. There are lots of online resources and programs available. Even if you don’t want to, eventually you’ll have to cram you way through, if you want to be able to compete with professionals.

Yet no spark to dig into motion?

What about after you look at those super amazing GIFs by by MotionAuthors!

motionau2 motionau3 motionau4 motionau

Here comes some more animated goods from Markus Magnusson.

dreamin_dribbble coolio_dribbble  apple_dribbble anya-hindmarch2 mondays lumberjack kickflip_1 fuji fire_hand_dribbble dribbble_1

Still nothing? Then how about those awesome videos!

Tuned from Motion Authors on Vimeo.

BYOB Lumberjack Party – CleanMyMac Preroll from Motion Authors on Vimeo.

Hider 2 for Mac OS from Motion Authors on Vimeo.

Ibotta YouTube Shorts from Motion Authors on Vimeo.

Tell us what you like about motion in the comment section below!