Making predictions is a rather tough thing to do. However, dealing with the best cases of web and graphic design, DesignContest feels obligated to inform you about our observations as for the latest trends in web design. If you’re more than just familiar with landing page design, here is the list of landing page design trends everyone will be crazy about in 2018. Next year promises to be very different from 2017; let’s find out how much!

Landing page: long as your arm

Infinite scrolling has transformed into an even bigger neverending issue: circled scrolling. If, with the help of infinite scrolling, you need to make sure your user’s attention is all yours in order for a visitor to keep scrolling, circled scrolling works like a trap: users keep scrolling even if they have already seen the block.

For instance, take a look at the website called Love For Iceland. It shows the infinite circled scrolling in all its beauty. Letting people enjoy fascinating pictures, this landing page makes us long for more.

landing page design trends 2018


With landing pages that are really long, stand for infinite or circled scrolling etc. users get trapped in a digital Wonderland. Using breathtaking visualization and securing it with a proper typography, you can get to the moment when the visitors of your landing page won’t even think about finding a way out from this website.


Such landing pages demand the highest level of creativity because you need to think through all the things that will make your users engaged and not bored. If you fail to mesmerize a user, such infinite scrolling along with the mine of information will scare people away.

Landing page: Split it!

Yin and yang, black and white, day and night… Almost everything in our world has its opposite side. This is the way the balance has been kept. If you want to make your landing page design look harmonious, you should take a look at the two-column landing pages. Dividing the information in 2 groups makes it easier for users to get oriented on your website. What’s more, it helps you to clean up your landing page a bit, allowing you to use opposite colors, several images of the highest quality etc.

Fanny Myard website is a gorgeous example that represents the future of landing page design trends in the upcoming 2018.

landing page design trend predictions 2018


Splitting the landing page into two parts gives you an unbelievable benefit of an organized space. Everything is clear and understandable. There is no need in reinventing the wheel, as they say, which means you don’t need to reorganize the space or add any unnecessary details: dividing the landing page in two parts will work on its own.


You’re limited with the information you want to provide: everything should be logically structured. If you fail to follow this order, you might confuse your users. What’s more, you should play on contrast to make those two parts of your landing page more visible. Which means you shouldn’t use similar shades so that they won’t mingle.

Landing page without any block separation

2018 is going to erase borders between possible and impossible things. It refers to web design even more than to everything else. Your opportunities in landing page design for 2018 will have no limits. These limits start fading first when it comes to landing page blocks. Before, these blocks were distinguished and separated, the more – the better. Now, these borders between blocks vanish, leaving one common landing page without any lines and bounds.

This effect can be achieved by mixing landing page elements or simply sticking to one saturated background color (as it was done for Victory Advisors website).

landing page design trends prediction 2018


When you have a landing page design that doesn’t emphasize or distinguish any blocks, you may consider yourself to be very lucky. Or trendy, at least. Erasing borders in design is not only a symbolic notion. Blocks stand for separate parts of the landing page;without blocks, you just create a feeling of entirety and consistency.


However, if you don’t pay attention to placing the informative elements on your landing page, not emphasizing blocks can bring you to some major misunderstandings. It should always be logical; otherwise, there will be a total mishmash.

Weird trends in landing page design

Except for some really brilliant trends in landing page design, there are also several cases that cannot be explained by logic, design thinking, or usability. Here are three landing page design trends that, despite being highly popular, won’t have a long life for sure.

Making users wait

On our planet, there are some really strange unexplainable phenomena like the question of UFO’s existence, Stonehenge, and Egyptian pyramids. In the world of web design, such unexplained phenomenon is making users wait. In spite of the fact that the principles of usability are widely known, some landing pages, in order to express their creativity, still make their users wait. Imagine a situation: you’re really hungry and decide to order a pizza. You visit a pizza delivery website, click a button and wait for 20 minutes to get your dinner delivered to you (or at least you think so). Instead, you first need to watch salami and mozzarella flying on the screen for two minutes and creating the word “Hey” at the end. When you see it for the first time, it’s rather fun and engaging. For the second time you see it when you show that prank to your friends. However, when for the third time, you’re really hungry, and not for creativity but for an actual pizza. Pick any other product or service instead of pizza – the result will be the same: a lot of creativity can sometimes hurt your business.

Making users click

When you search for something on Google and click on the link, you expect to get transferred to what you were looking for immediately. However, sometimes landing pages, their developers, and designers can get too creative. As a result, you have to chase some dot, click on some circles, or drag a picture from the left corner to the right one. Similar to the case above with making users wait, making users click on something before actually proceeding to your landing page is a great idea only for the first couple of times. Later, it would become more or less disturbing.

Bottom Line

With 2018 coming, don’t be afraid of experimenting when it comes to landing page designs. Keep in mind, however, that you design landing pages not only to impress users but also to turn them into your loyal clients.