Imagine that you start a new website or want to upgrade an old one. What do you do first? Before you think of what your web page is going to look like, you already need to have a unique content ready to be placed on this site and a logo designed especially for this purpose. However, when it comes to a logo design, you face the problem of not knowing what exactly your creative logo is going to look like.

Thus, welcome to our quest. If you manage to end it, you’ll be a successful owner of a perfect logo for your website. The quest isn’t simple but if you do decide to hit the road, it will help you create a stunning logo with minimal losses. Ready? Farewell, then, and good luck with our trials!

Trial 1. Prepare a brief

Nemean Lion

Remember Hercules’s first trial? He had to kill the Nemean lion. Unfortunately, your first test is going to be much worse: instead of simply killing a mythical lion, you’ll have to write a creative brief filled with various details. This description of what you want to see in your future logo is a top activity on your bucket list. It helps you save a lot of efforts, time and, what’s more important, money. The more you write down, the clearer your idea is going to be to your graphic designer. Don’t be afraid of writing down every single thought you come up with: at the end, you will combine those ideas; you never know which combination will truly work. Even if you think that your intention is too daring and will never bring any benefits, mark it: costing you next to nothing, it may be very helpful at the end.

Here’s a tip for you that refers not only to your logo designing: every idea you have is worth considering, that’s why never cross out anything without studying it carefully. Also, a brief is your paper-shaped magic wand: it will save your life for sure (if not life, then at least your brightest concepts of a logo design, which will lead to a spotless logo creation).

Trial 2. Carry out a detailed research

game of thrones logo

Your next trial is not a dragon, as you might think. A dragon would be not so difficult to defeat. Your next trial is a horrible word “research”. You will never put your money into a business you know nothing about, will you? Before launching any business, you should find out everything about the business niche you’re interested in. Not everything you can or everything possible, but everything at all. You need to be aware of your future clients, your major and possible competitors, pros and cons that your product suggests etc.

Your logo is a considerable part of your future (or existing) website, that’s why the same refers to it. Look at your competitors’ logos and make sure yours doesn’t repeat them. Don’t limit yourself only to logos on the market sphere you present. Think deeper: take a look at those market branches that are close to yours: perhaps you’ll be able to get inspired by their logos.

There is one more important thing to learn here: never, and by never I mean NEVER copycat any of the logos existing. You may like them very much, you may get your inspiration from them but it’s forbidden for you to pose somebody’s logo as yours, even if you change it a bit or a lot. The similarity will be still visible, which will not bring you any additional points in your clients’ eyes. The least damage you will do is getting associated with the brand which logo you copied. Getting slammed is not what you want to achieve.

Trial 3. Find A Chosen One

harry potter logo

Remember Harry Potter being A Chosen One? He also was The Boy Who Lived and, no matter how strange it may sound, he was quite similar to your creative logo which we’ll also call A Chosen One. In order to become the logo presenting your company, it has to overcome a lot of trials as well. Though it doesn’t have to kill He Who Must Not Be Named, its task doesn’t become any simpler. Your logo has to prove that it’s worth your website’s concept, that’s why it has to survive by means of competing with all the other draft logos you have. Draft logos are vital in finding A Chosen One because they are a background needed to see all the perks of your future logo. If you have only 2-3 draft logos, you’ll never understand what you want a perfect logo to be like. That’s why let your imagination free.

If you’re not sure you’ll be able to do it, you may well want to ask professional graphic designers for help. In order to get more than one option for a creative logo, visit This is a web design platform that will facilitate this trial for you. It enables you to create a contest between graphic designers through all over the world who compete in order to design a creative logo for you. This process is simple and yet brilliant. All necessary information designers get from your brief (as you remember, it was your very first trial). Then, they send you their ideas on what your logo will look like (free of charge, you know). At the end, you pick a logo you liked the most and award a winning graphic designer with the prize you both discussed before. This is the way for you to get as many logo concepts as many designers compete (mostly it’s at least 20 or even more).

For example, Honeyville, the leader in food storage and baking ingredients from Utah, held a contest in creating a new logo for its new website several weeks ago. It got more than 50 logo design concepts that didn’t repeat themselves and that’s why it was really difficult for the company to pick a winning logo. However, at the end, they succeeded in finding A Chosen One and began to endorse it on the market.

honeyville logo

Trial 4. Step back and get a feedback

Congrats! You’ve finally reached the last trial! If for Harry Potter in the Triwizard Tournament it was a maze where he met Voldemort, it will be meeting your customers and getting their reaction to the new logo for you. Yes, your customers aren’t as terrifying as He Who Mustn’t Be Named but their thoughts are, nevertheless, imperative for you. That’s why make sure they like your new logo. Otherwise, you’ll have to take up these trials once again.

Bottom Line

Thinking of your logo design concept, try to have a bit of fun. This process is not so scary as it might seem. The results will be even better if you use not only your mind but also your heart. And a soul.