5 Tips For A Small Business Home Page Design

Nowadays, no kind of business can do without its own website. The fact that your company exists online, helps it to get promoted and to increase its sales. Therefore, a web design of your corporate site is rather important.

Spring Trends In Web Design For 2018

Want to catch up with the web design trends? Mission almost impossible. The thing is that trends in web design keep changing rapidly due to the fact that websites are always aimed at surprising users, holding their attention, and making them press the sacred call-to-action button. These spring trends...

How To Design Effective Web Surveys

Whenever you launch a new website or update an old one, you need to collect the feedbacks from your audience. The same is with your current clients and the level of their satisfaction. This is when such a common and yet useful tool as a web survey comes in...

5 Controversial UX/UI Trends Predictions 2018

2018 is going to surprise us millions of times. The UX/UI design sphere is no exception. That is when DesignContest has prepared 5 controversial UX/UI design trends for 2018 for you that are going to raise some hype.

InterFACES Of The Future

How many faces does the future of design have? As it turned out, just one. What will define the user interfaces of the future? Is it all about their colors, fonts, or the elements placing? To tell you the truth, neither of them influences the interfaces of the future....

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