When it comes to graphic design, one of the hardest things to do is fashion, conceptualize, and produce a logo. There’s just nothing funny about it: If you’re not armed with the proper methods to put together an image capable of exemplifying a business, it can be one rocky road. However, there are steps you can take to smooth over the process. Simply having an understanding of the basic principles behind logo design can take you a long way. As such, we’ve prepared a guide to help you understand the process for creating a logo:


From sketch to finalization, it’s all there.

  1. Visualize It: This very first thing you’ll want to do is visualize the logo. This doesn’t just mean having an image in your head (though that is the end result) but also trying to cobble together all of the various things that make the business what it is. Take these elements, and do your best to apply them directly to the logo that’s resting in your noggin. What is working to bolster the image you’re looking to create? Where is the logo weakest? Think about these things now, that way your next step is even easier.
  2. Sketch It: From here on out, you’ll want to focus on actual productions of the logo. First of all, you should always sketch it out on paper. This helps to avoid a heck of a lot of headaches, most noticeably that of failed concept design. If the design isn’t a good one, you’ll know the minute you start sketching. Flesh out the ideas on paper with a pencil, and then redraw it about fifty times. Work out the hardest areas, and really hammer away at them. This thing needs to be perfect, and now is the time to start looking for perfection. Only once you’ve quite thoroughly done these two things should you head for your computer.
  3. Do Another Digital Sketch: If you’re being proper with your logo design, you’ll likely end up in Illustrator. However, before going there, why not sketch the logo again in Photoshop? Get a feel for how the thing looks on a screen, and then use that sketch as a reference for the finished vector. When in doubt, always over prepare!